Monday, July 9, 2012

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The garden this year is a strange beast.  The spring garden in the Pacific Northwest can meet the fall garden at the halfway point, and just hand-off the baton.  What summer?

Sure, there is a sungold plant sprawling around in one of the North beds, begging to be lifted out of the dirt.  There is a box of nasturtiums, hardly necessary now that a single volunteer majus plant has overtaken the yard around the rock box.

There are a few buckets of small and hopeful squash starts, a cucumber or two, some climbing Romanos.  These things are just starting out now, and will blow my mind come August.  Probably not unlike the cabbage under my shirt.

But unlike last summer, there will be no big drama in the backyard.  No corn, no squash, no jungle.  Bed #3 I planted last week, with bush beans, lettuce, and neon calendula.  Bed #1 I'll plant this week, maybe tomorrow.  With kale and the first round of beets and savoy and broccoli.  And then after I pull the peas (next week?), it'll be time to double dig that bed in case I might actually be able to grow some carrots there.  And then frantic watering for the next two months.  And so fall begins in July.


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