Tuesday, November 9, 2010

november, blue

A blessing of fall weather last week let me do almost nothing in the yard, since my child still thinks it is the season to strip and get soaked, and then needs emergency transport to a hot bath.  Biggest need in the garden department right now is some good ideas about how to have fun outside with your clothes on.
During some alone time I ripped out the completely dead and dried tomato plants.  That whole thing - despite much bitching and whining (I can be so boring) - worked out great this year, with no green tomatoes and no unfulfilled blossoms.  I am still going to do everything different next year; how could I not?
I would like to say that the war against the slugs has commenced in earnest but the truth is that I only filled my beer traps for two days and they are so foamy-full of dead slugs I can hardly bear to dump them.  The still-alive slugs probably just crawl right out over the loose bodies of their kin.
Two sad things in this picture: a house which betrayed its chickens and now stands empty and quiet, and that little green strip of tangle-foot - too little, too late, as evidenced by the aphid-scarred leaves of our scraggly little Fuji tree.  The great thing is, I'm not even that sad.  I still think it's beautiful. 
"Mama, you put this fing on so the cats don't poop in your darden?"
Technically, sweetie, your Dad put it up.  I think it's to keep the slugs warm.