Friday, July 27, 2012


So Patrick Barber says to Jeff Falen, do you think I could make saurkraut with radicchio?
And Jeff says, that would be radicchulous!
And Patrick says, so, then, you don't think it would work.

Har har.  That one got me.

I'd like to know how those guys at Perspephone get all those nice tight heads.  Of about ten in the bed, two headed up and colored to purple.  Did I plant them too soon, and they couldn't stand the lengthening days?  What's really gross is when they just start to head and then the phallic wand emerges from the gathering knot of leaves and makes its way heavenwards to seed.  Yuk.

But green olive, garlic, and radicchio salad with homemade croutons while camping?  Ha ha ha.  Not gross.

I'll plant some more in the center bed next week (after I yank all the bolted garden cress), and we shall see...

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