Tuesday, May 31, 2011

salad! salad!

This is why.  This is why I garden:

Oh!  There's nothing like it.

jd grew it (drafts)

This: from 5/31/11

So many rhubarb crisps.  Zelda is crazy for them.  Also Jeff.  Also me, because they let me have the best part of baking (transformation) without the worst part of baking (careful measurement).  A smitten one, and one I like better with pecans and oats.  I am officially setting down all my prejudices against EarthBalance, because it works wonders here.  

Also, of course, I made some strawberry-rhubarb jam, which burned and stuck like crazy and is silly sweet (although still totally saved by the zingy rhubarb).  Zelda will accept it stirred into vanilla coconut bliss if no crisp is available.  I have never seen her so hip to the meaning of does-uurt.  We gave JD a jar and got the empty half-pint back the same day.  So I'm feeling ok about making yet another crisp - and delivering another jar.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

return of the yard salad

God bless the yard salad.  I am whole again.

Friday, May 13, 2011


You think it never will, and then it does.  And when it does, it makes you forget you ever doubted.  Oh, the hope held in these plants through the long winter, waiting for the right time!

ooof, or, get over it already

I wrote a complainy post about being bad at posting, and this is just not going to help me if I don't get better at it, etc.  What you put in, you get out, etc.  And the internet threw it to the wind, like so many dandelion seeds.

So, no more complaining.  It is spring, after all.

Here is what is working right now:

Being patient with the weather and growing cool season crops while it is cool.

Not having the basement full of scrawny pepper plants.

Planting starts out into the hoop house.

Keeping the big picture in mind.

Vigilance with the slugs.

I think I'm going to harvest the first yard salad of the season tonight!