Saturday, February 23, 2013

just now

So, yes, it's been a while since - what? - September?  I have been in the garden, and we have been eating, but some other things have been going on also.  And I do have photos of some of those other things.  But nothing kills a project for me faster than being behind and trying to catch up.  So fuck it.  Pretend we're all caught up.  

Here's what I did on Wednesday.

Harvested the bits and bobs.   (Why did so many of the kohlrabi grow in tube shapes?  Why can't I grow beets?  I mean, the blasted leaf miners had their way with the tops last fall, but should it affect root growth this much?  The carrots did so well in the same bed!)

(Still two more cabbages.  And the kale is looking great, though it'll be raab before the equinox.)

Cleaned up rows 2 and 3, all the way.  Lightly fertilized.  Chopped it all in.  Raked it smooth.

Planted negretta favas in the front half of bed #3.  (Should have planted them last fall.  Should have planted garlic.  Should have cleaned up the blighted apple tree leaves last fall.  Etc.  Was busy with other - not pictured - things, etc.)  Anyway, that bed needs some time in legumes.

Cleaned off the deck, because it's hard to know when the next dry day might be.

Thanked my helper for her patience, and went back inside.