Friday, July 27, 2012


It is practically the One Straw Revolution around here.  I am so lazy.

Four chops with the hoe, and my uterus is as tight as a softball, pressed forward against the high waist yoga pants which are also gardening pants, out to dinner pants, sleeping pants... you get the idea.  And then, the bending over.  I groan my way down the row, a parody of pregnancy.  At eighteen weeks!

Anyway, it has taken a long time to get bed #1 weeded and chopped and fed and seeded.  Bed #2 is simply a garden cress seed ripening area.  For the first time in a few seasons, people come over at look at the general mess, and I feel, well, apologetic.  I say something about the fall garden, and then I start pulling weeds around the perimeter and quietly groaning.

Last night, while Z and Jeff were shivering at Grant Pool, I did, finally, take care of the first bed - and put in kale, collards, what I hope will be Solstice cabbage, a heavy dose of mustards, and some random edible chrysanthemum which I swear I did not order and surely have no idea how to grow.  The One Straw part was where I just walked along the bed, crumbling brassica seed through my fingers, covered it with a shake of complete organic fertilizer, and raked over the rest of the mulchy 'soil-building compost' that Nate left in our driveway.  It was a tutorial in how to garden standing up.

Lazy, I tell you.  Lay.  Zee.

But the bouncing ball I am growing seems, increasingly, anything but.


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