Friday, June 10, 2011

next thing

I guess it was the 24th that I planted the corn.  Or else the 26th.  Planted corn, pole beans, bush beans, cucumbers, squash.  As Holly said, a tangle.  Planted in fresh compost, let it pour down on it for the weekend, and then got the cover up and tight.  And it worked.  Glory be, it worked.  The sun came out the next weekend and brought the whole thing up to temp (85 sometimes on the soil thermometer) and it worked.  The corn seed was years old and I had only enough for one in each hole, so inevitably there are holes in my grid.  Wondering now whether I should seed the holes or take a chance on starts.  Probably seed the holes.  There's time.  Could get quicky seed from Territorial if it didn't cost 8 dollars to get a quarter oz from Cottage Grove to here.  Anyway and regardless, it worked.  Worrked!  Corn seeded in the month of May in a spring that was dragging its ass.

Yesterday, June 9, I ran around the yard all day moving things.  Strawberries out of the bucket to the North of Zelda's little house (so much darker on that side; such sad strawberries) and into the ground around the South side, with the Spanish lavender from the pots.  Lovage in North pot.  Herbs from driveway pots almost all moved to South side yard, peppers into driveway pots.  Favas pulled (and used for path mulch until we have a better place).  ***Banner cover crop favas=super awesome.  Go in easy; grow when nothing else does, and taller than me; look amazing; pull out like a dream.  What!? ***  Tomato starts, that Black-eyed susan vine, red and orange cosmos, delicata seed, some weird pumpkin starts, yellow zucchini seed . . . in boxes.  Rusty hollyhocks pulled from box #3 - space for ?

Oh yeah, and Jeff built us a deck.


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