Tuesday, June 14, 2011

look closely

I admit, I hide out a bit around here.  Jeff and I joke that we moved to the city so we could take advantage of all the variety and stimulation available to us by turning our little lot into our whole world.  It's funny.  I do like to ride over the Broadway Bridge and gaze out at the shiny water and us like ants swarming the source with our many bridges and boats and buildings.  I do love the sense of choice that surrounds me, though I use it little.  There was a time when I was used to big views.  The lay of a whole valley falling from sun into shade, or the reach of a wide avenue, swarming with souls.  These days, I mostly look closely.  I can spend a half hour staring out the window at my wild little plot of half-mulched herb garden, or an hour staring into a similarly tangled and promising corner of my mind.  I imagine that, eventually, the wide angle view will come back.  For now, though, I like how things look right here.

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