Saturday, April 14, 2012


Oh, spring.  I forgot about you.

I think depression is the feeling that nothing will change, or that we are left out of the change, untouched.

In order to not be depressed, we prepare for and try to accept the static nature of winter.  We take advantage of the lightening of outdoor chores, since, whether we make an effort or not, everything will drip and not grow.  We are blessed here in the Pacific Northwest, and some things do flower - but nothing grows.    

We forget the feeling of newness.  I forgot.  

And now you're here, layering on the romance.  Like a new baby or an old lover, you lead the way.  I am shy, excited, surprised.  You are a step ahead of me, unfolding, unfolding. 

I planted these plants with space between, expansion in mind.  Jeff pruned for rapid, rampant growth.  We were here, less than a year ago, when you could see the corn get taller in an afternoon.  And yet I forgot.  

And still you came.

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