Thursday, April 26, 2012


It's true, I am tired of the basement seedling scene.  It is a very contrived, idiotic situation to be sprouting plants in the darkest place you can find.  But, OK, it does work.  Time upstairs on the buffet by the North windows; time on the front porch, covered, with only east light; time on the back porch, in the weather and the western sun... and out they go.  I did it on Sunday and it was hot as hell and they instantly flattened to earth in mourning for their lost spring.  But I never worried.  It is just what those little guys like out there now.  Of course, too many cabbage starts, endive starts - because you can't pack them in and eat them young like the lettuces.  What is the point of an escarole without the blanched heart?

A few house plants got a breath of fresh air.  So needed.  They start to feel so dirty in the house after a winter.  The meyer lemon that has been hanging out green since Kiera gave me the little tree a month ago turned its bottom yellow in about four hours.

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