Monday, July 4, 2011

problems, i recall, do happen and some for apparently no reason

Sometimes children put rocks in your garden.  No biggie.

 This brassica mosaic thing, though, is going nowhere.  It looks like aphids, but there are no aphids.  Aphids, I don't really mind.  It's what I get for growing brassicas in the summer in a climate that will grow brassicas happily all the rest of the year.  But this mosaic thing I think is soil borne, so even though it has yet to completely stunt a crop, it bothers me.  

This stuff was all over the chard last year.  Also some of the spinach.  In the middle row.  When I grew - and harvested - perfect chard is row #3 this year, I thought our problems were over.  But it is still there in the middle row, and beans can catch it.

Chard looks nice, though, huh?

Also, incredible un-evenness in the corn growth in row #1.  Is this standard?  The big corn year I must have just seeded like mad and then thinned.  Which I did not do this year, as is rather evident.  Stupid, wind pollinated corn.  Let's look at the big corn year.

Yeah.  Taken on the 14th of July.  So, that was kind of a different year, all around. 
(Look at that sunflower!!!)

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