Sunday, November 6, 2016

Daffodils, order in 11.6.2016

Too hard to tell when this was taken, because of busted iPhoto. The spring Clara was 2, I think.

I ordered bulbs today, better late than never. I'll put most of them in the front yard.

Every year when they are up I know just what shapes and pieces of the season are missing. And every fall it all seems totally abstract.

Maybe this fall that will all change.

Some mysteries of this blog/garden/life: do I really want to bring the details up where I can see them? Or do I like it better to be surprised, wondering, not quite keeping up? Do I want the former but am unwilling/unable to put in the work it takes? Do I like the latter but feel embarrassed by the mess?

Can I uncover a space where these dualities are not so compelling? Not so opposed?

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  1. i love you to read your post thanks you so very much