Monday, August 11, 2014

the damn peas, the bloody blessed beans

Never again with the open source peas.  No purple podded specialty shit.  Alderman.  Maybe a shorter variety for the kids.  The end.

Those peas were GREY.  They did not burst with sweetness.  They were for after everything is broken, not before.

The Romanos, win.  We've had plenty of the runner type, Moonlight, to know they're plain not as good for stirs and such.  The rattlesnake I haven't harvested, except as filet beans which - as nearly all immature beans are - were delicious and tender as hell - when cooked with great care.

The honey and cream corn?  Not good.  No spark.  Mealy.

There's the report, for now.  The garden is lovely late summer, tall and dry, cracking and falling, dropping seed.  It's hot and humid.  We're 'watching' Sword and the Stone in the AC room.   It's feeling fine, in the good way.  Peace out.

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