Saturday, November 5, 2011

outdoor interlude

Wasn't I just taking this down?  I can clearly recall washing the valuable UV resistant plastic, drying it in the sun, folding it carefully.  I hung the pvc pipe in the garage, thrilled to behold the whole garden at once.  Evidently, I didn't post anything about that.  Ah well, this note making is a learning process, just like the growing itself.

In an ideal world, it would be full under here right now - all the seeds I just put in yesterday would have gone in six weeks ago.  Better late than never.  With any luck, they will be up in February, along with the garlic and favas in the left-most bed.  No solstice salad, probably.  

Oh well.  One of the very best things about doing this is the feeling of continuity: the seasons rolling over, the years rolling round.  There's always another chance.

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