Sunday, April 10, 2011

spring slug report 2010

Last Tuesday, March 8th, I put a few things into the ground.
It was an exciting time when I saw these starts at the Hillsdale farmers' market.  I was like some people are about dogs, or human babies.  More excited than is maybe appropriate.
I gently yanked them apart as I was instructed (even though I have never done such a thing before) and they looked nice.  Purple peacock (kale+sprouting broccoli), mixed lettuces, beets in the middle bed with the cover over; peas in #1, fennel around the trees in the back, for beneficial bugs.  All of them were sturdy little guys, not root-bound but well developed
Meanwhile, Gay Riley did her thing taming our white-trash tendencies in the driveway. 
 Suffice to say, it is not necessary for me to photograph the bare dirt where these lovely little plants once were.

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