Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Cold and cucumber

Funny thing about fall, at least this fall: you get a 45 degree day, and green beans.  

Some of these are the scarlet runner that I planted way too late when we finally got the side yard tilled in - what was that, July?  Hopefully this blog will tell me because otherwise - what the hell is it for?  They were so beautiful I was happy to have them even for a short while and I will be pretty happy to shell them too, I think, though how depressing to cook a fuschia colored bean and end up with something brown.  Also several miniature squashes from the same child-play-structure idea which I think was a good one but implemented too late and also without thought for how pokey it would be climbing around under squash vines.  But it did bring some dimension to that side of the yard. Also three figs, which the damn ants are making holes in the ends of and I have just had it about up to . . . really, it's hard for me to get that pissed off about pests, since they're just doing they're best at what they have to do, but it does make me feel sort of stymied, or like a slow and steady period of failure is on the horizon.  Ah, well, more on that joyful topic later.  Also a ton of beautiful if slightly under-ripe San Marzanos which I will roast into oblivion, as per Orangette and Louisa Weiss.  Also green beans.  Ha!  And also another small collection of mystery peppers, likely all very hot.  And Also, last and least, one very tiny, very spiny little cucumber.  Farewell summer, farewell!

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