Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I feel all out of sync.  It's sunny!  Things are growing!  It's raining!  It's windy windy windy (as Zelda would say)!  Don't even think about putting those poor plants outside!  There are four blooms on this melon start.  There are tiny weird little bugs that only exist on those blooms.  I don't know anything about melons.  What is going on?  Which are female?  Can I hand pollinate?  It feels so backwards and dumb to be so concerned about this poor, unnatural little plant, doing it's best to work with circumstances it would never choose.  I love 50 degrees and rainy.  Really, I have found that the better I like 50 degrees and rainy the better I like Portland.  It is good for swinging, for walking, for lettuce, for peas, for spinach.  It is not good for soft, tippy sunflowers or zinnias or melons.  Because of my plants - because of thinking about July in March - I am impatient with this weather.  I am rushing it.  

Maybe I'll just throw out all of my big lights in the basement and direct seed everything.  

Or: make better use of the tunnel.  Say: if Row #2 is overwintering, covered until, say, mid Feb.  Then the cover goes to Row #3, for peas and favas (which are maybe even already seeded?  Crazy.) and radishes and lettuces until mid April approximately when in moves to Row #1 for Tomatoes.  (or maybe I will grow tomatoes somewhere else.)  Anyway, the next round goes in under the house til it is too hot and big in June.  At which point I trash row #2 and plant roots and beans or squash and flowers or chard and leeks.  mmmm, hmmmm.  Thinking.

For now, everybody is all cooped up in the house, wishing they were outside, or else outside, wishing they were in.  They are out of their element and stuck.  They admire the potatoes, but they have nothing to say to such sturdy, all-purpose types.  They wonder who invited them to this party, anyway.  

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