Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sixty degrees and Sunny

Truli came over for the first time and told me about the sewer credit for buying a tree. We stood around in the yard in t-shirts and drank beer.

Read a bit in the NYT about stay-at-home chicken keepers, of whom I am clearly one. Funny to finally be a joiner, and without knowing it, too. But I believe in this movement, not so much to make ladies feel better, but to give them the power to make this economy over in a new way. As KJ can say better than I, providing empowering opportunities for women in developing nations improves their children's lives, decreases the birth rate, lessens deforestation and other environmental degradation, works against the sex trade and the spread of HIV, etc. Basically, ladies having control over their income is a good thing. So many of the programs that I think really work, like Heifer, Global Sistergoods, and Women for Women, work to give women earning power without taking them away from their children. Unlike the global migrant labor market. And unlike the feminist women-in-the-workforce revolution, which has made child-rearing (some would say child-having) directly opposed to career achievement. It sure seems like instead of trying to fit into an economy invented by men, for men, the truly feminist thing would be to find a new, more cooperative, local, equity-based, family-friendly, and yes, home-made and backyard-grown, way to support ourselves, our families - and each other.

In other news, I can't believe what those seed potatoes (from last years harvest) did in the basement, but I put them in some pots anyway. Such hard work; seems like they deserve a real chance.

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